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01 August 2011 @ 07:47 am
I'm in Durban with the group from the Methodist Church in Britain for the World Methodist Council and Conference. There's a session for newbies this morning and then business proper begins this afternoon. I've not had any chance to explore yet, having arrived yesterday evening but I hope there'll be at least some time to have a look at the place. We've got reports to consider from our International dialogues with both the Roman Catholic Church and the Salvation Army as well as a proposal to establish a new dialogue with the Ecumenical Patriarchate (Orthodox Church). There is work to be done too on our own constitution and ways of working - not simply for the sake of it but to help make us more effective as the forum for global Methodism: to knit together in closer fellowship and action the people called Methodist (and various other things too actually!) and claiming the heritage of John Wesley. We are a world communion and I think it's often easy for us in Britain to forget that there are Methodists all over the world who are part of our tradition. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and to the conversations and celebrations that we'll have here in Durban.

Some of us will be blogging and tweeting (watch #wmc), but I'm not sure how good the net access is going to be (it's a little, erm, idiosyncratic here in the hotel) so coverage may be patchy!